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Installing spigot through corrugated metal wall

I will be putting up corrugated metal along a wall and then plumbing in a water spigot.  (this is an indoor installation) What are your thoughts about the best way to install the spigot the the metal.  Looking for clean, tight install that will respond well to daily use as well as look good. Tried seaching around to find picture of one that's been done before, but my search methods yeilded no results.  Thanks.

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Posted 2013-01-30T17:44:36+0000  by richjlr richjlr


Hi Richjlr,


You will want to run the plumbing first, and leave a piece of pipe protruding from the wall for the spigot.


Once the plumbing is done you will have the exact location of the spigot, and the corrugated metal can be cut to fit over the pipe for an exact fit.


Once the metal wall is installed, you can then go back and install a pipe flange, or trim piece to hide the opening around the pipe.


Finally install your spigot.


Let us know how your project turns out.



Posted 2013-01-31T22:42:01+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Thanks for that, I'm going to start the project this week.  My concern is installing the flange on the uneven surface of the corrugated metal.  With the ridge rises, not sure how that is going to work.  Plan on using these sheets;


cut to size along the kitchen island.

Posted 2013-02-01T16:29:59+0000  by richjlr

not my photo; but this is the what I will be doing.


My area is being set up for my five dogs eating area.  The metal will be protecting the island.  The spigot will be for filing the water bowl.


Posted 2013-02-01T16:32:41+0000  by richjlr

Hello richjlr.


I wish I had a better answer for you, but all I come up with is the need to create a flat area where the spigot will be installed.  You can do this in two ways that I know of, but neither will be especially pretty.


First would be to use an electrical box fixture or cover to bridge 2 high points on the corrugated wall, and run the pipe through a low point and then through the knock-out hole.


 photo Flats_zpscebe4aa3.png


 Next would be to use a washing machine box with its valve to make a recessed area by cutting a box sized rectangular hole in the metal wall.  This is the box type I am talking about:


 photo WasherBox_zpsbedd0e0f.png


 Using the spigot in the box, you could then attach a short garden hose to the valve to make filling water bowls easier.  


I encourage any other of our staff to post ideas on this, as I sure do not think that my solution is optimum.

It should work though.


Is this what you were looking for?





Posted 2013-02-01T20:57:25+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Hello Richjlr,


That is going to be a really cool area for your dogs and it should last a very long time.


I would agree with Mike that the plumbing should be ran before the wall gets finishes and the corrugated panels get installed.


Then I would attach multiple short pieces of the redwood closer strips side by side to a small square piece of solid wood with construction adhesive. Liquid Nails would work just fine. Make sure that all of the rounded edges line up together and also lines up with the wall so that the pipe will be centered. Let it dry completely. Drill a hole in the center large enough for the pipe to go through. You could route the edges to make it a look a little bit nicer.



Now you have a corrugated side that will go against the wall and a flat side for the spigot to come out of that a flange will lay flat on.


I would either paint it to match the metal or you could stain it to add some contrast before you attach it to the wall.  


Use either long self-tapping screws or construction adhesive to attach it to the wall. Install the pipe flange and spigot.  


This will make it look finished rather than an after though.


I would love to see your project. Please post some pictures of your dog feeding area for all of us to admire.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.  

Posted 2013-02-01T22:54:38+0000  by Christine_HD_OC



Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant!



Posted 2013-02-02T02:33:00+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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