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Installing wood casing/trim around interior doors and closets

I recently bought a house and I'm new to remolding and was wondering if anyone has some good tips on trimming out interior doors and closets to get tight fitting (45 degree) corners?

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Posted 2011-06-20T16:11:14+0000  by ctp ctp



Hi CTP, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man

The best tip I can give you is rent or buy a miter saw. This will make your job go much faster with fewer errors and less wasted material.  In my experience, using a miter box, such as the plastic units sold in home centers are very inaccurate and extremely frustrating to use.

Here are a few other tips I‘ve learned:


Cut the molding slightly longer than your cut mark, then sand the corner to make perfect fit.

If the corner is especially difficult, experiment with some scrape pieces before cutting your good stock.

Make sure the molding lays flat on the wall. If the wall is uneven, the molding will not match at the corners.  Correct the wall surface it if necessary to assure a good looking finished trim job.

If the corner is not close to 90 degrees, and most never are,  you can" cope"  the molding at the corner. 


Coping involves cutting the molding so one piece is cut to the profile of the other, so they fit together like a puzzle piece. Coping works best on inside corners.  I have included a link below on coping molding.

Finally, if the wall is uneven, nailing the molding to the wall pulls it away from the corner. I have often glued the molding on with latex caulk. Caulk makes a great glue, and allows you time to align the molding for a perfect fit, before it sets up.

I hope these ideas are useful to you.




Posted 2011-06-20T18:18:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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