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Insulating around a dryer vent

Hi, I'm working on finishing a basement and I've got a metal dryer duck that will be going through the wall behind the washer and dryer but I'm not sure how I need insulate around the dryer vent pipe w/o causing it to be a fire hazard.  I'm not sure if just putting batt insulation next to it will be fine, and then putting the drywall over it or do I need to do some sort of foam insulation over top and around on the sides of the metal dryer vent to make sure it doesn't end up being a fire hazard.  Thanks for any help on this!!!

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Posted 2011-09-12T14:43:29+0000  by lord1sith8 lord1sith8



My name is Tom, also known here as HD116. And this question has been asked in my home store on many occasions. You are right, a form of bat insulation such as the 3" x 25' roll of pipe wrap insulation pictured below is a popular choice if you can access the duct in the wall prior to finishing.




Another option would be to use an expanding foam if you do not have sufficient access to "wrap" the duct. This one is available from the makers of Great Stuff, and is designed as a fire block and would be a good consideration as well.


I hope that helps, and welcome to our community!

Posted 2011-09-14T17:06:57+0000  by HD116
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