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Insulating inaccessible space over ceiling

Good morning,
Last year I went to put up more insulation in my attic because my second floor of colonial is cold in winter and really hot in summer.  When we went up to attic we noticed we had three feet of inaccessible space on either side of second floor. The house was built in 1971.  We placed the insulation with no real change in temperature. We investigated and found three feet of sloped ceiling on either side of our second floor which we believe is not insulated to the r rating to keep upstairs at the proper temp.  I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of how to access this area and how to apply insulation.   Thanks.  

~Dan S. 
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Posted 2017-02-02T14:01:17+0000  by Sloms Sloms
Hello Dan, and welcome to the Community!

If you have no way of getting in that area, you may have to cut a opening and inspect to see how much insulation is currently present. If there is little or none, then I suggest you rent the blown-in insulation machine and purchase the blown-in material, usually the store will loan you the machine provided you are purchasing the blown-in product. 

If after opening up the area you find out that it is too much to tackle, you can call Home Depot and have us do the install of Insulation at 844-218-4289 I'm sure once you have the attic well insulated, you will feel much more comfortable. 

Posted 2017-02-02T14:48:59+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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