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Insulating partially finished basement

I am finishing 1/2 of my basement and will be insulating the exterior concrete walls with rigid insulation. Do I need to insulate all the exterior walls in the entire basement? Or do I just insulate the exterior walls of the finished section as well as the interior walls that will separate finished from unfinished. The unfinished area will not be HVAC conditioned and will contain utilities and storage. We do not have any water or humidity issues and live in Zone 4.
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Posted 2018-08-02T12:57:29+0000  by BDB86CJ BDB86CJ
Hello BDB86CJ and welcome to the Community.

The best option would be to insulate all the exterior walls.  You would not have to insulate the interior walls.

Your plan to insulate half of your basement is okay except for the entry way to the unfinished/un-condition  storage side.  I assume you will have a door at this point.  You could try and insulate the door by adding a layer of rigid insulation to it's back side and blocking the gap by the floor.  

A couple of options for blocking the gap at the floor would be to add a DOOR SWEEP 



Thank you for your inquiry.


Posted 2018-08-02T13:37:40+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

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Greetings BDB86Cj,

I had a thought about your insulating question; I read that Char has the weatherization portion of the question taken care of, but have you considered the noise?

Basements can sometimes be a bit noisy when the heating and cooling system kick into gear. The concrete floor and the stonewalls do not absorb any sound, take a look at this video for another alternative for positive sound.


When you are building, the walls that divide the living side from the utilitarian, mechanical side, maybe you should consider noise insulation as well. It would be a shame to get everything together and then realize that HVAC system, drowns out the, television or keeps someone from getting some shut-eye, depending what the finished side will be used for.

Just a thought,



Posted 2018-08-02T14:49:45+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Hello again BDB86CJ,

In addition to Maureen's comment about soundproofing your walls, it  may be advisable to insulate the ceiling to dampen the transmission of sound between your basement and the room above.  

Before I insulated my basement ceiling and unbeknown to my teen age boys, we could hear EVERYTHING going on through my bedroom floor.  Their husky voices, music and the billiard games that sounded like thunder.  It's a small investment when done at the right time, all thinks considered, like sleepless nights.

Posted 2018-08-02T15:52:42+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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