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Insulation trussed attic



I've been preparing my attic for blown-in fiberglass insulation.  I/2 if the attic is made with prefab trusses and is low pitch.  It seems impossible to get those plastic ducts in place to some of the soffit vents to prevent blocked vents.  About half of the vents are on gable ends and wont be a problem.  Can I just remove the vent covers afterwards and remove any blockage caused by the fiberglass?   
Thank you!


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Posted 2011-07-09T22:21:23+0000  by nav0427 nav0427

Hi nav0427 ChrisFixit from the Atlanta area Home Depot here.


Sorry to hear about the hiccup in your insulation job. I used the blown in insulation on a friends attic last year and loved it, I did however run into some similar issues with protecting the soffit vents and wanted to chime in with some tips.


Depending on the particular design and pitch of your trusses some of these may work better than others.


One method that I found helpful getting the soffit baffle into place is to lay the baffle on its back with a couple pieces of double stick on the roof facing side. Next using a pole of some sort push the baffle towards the soffit channel and let it tip up till the tape makes contact with the roof. Once the insulation is in place it shouldn't be going anywhere.


If you have the access from the outside you could attempt to install the baffles from the outside in.


Lastly your suggestion of dropping the vent covers after the install is also a great idea. Just be aware that if there are no baffles in place you may have to periodically check the vents to ensure that they are clear. A air compressor also works great for this.


I hope this helps out and good luck with your install, you sound like you have it well in hand.



Posted 2011-07-10T14:28:42+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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