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Interior Door Install - Prehung

I want to install prehung french doors to separate my office from the rest of the house. The room is recessed from the living room and it should be simple enough, just needs framing, drywall, and door, and finishing touches. My question is this: in order to install the framing do I need to remove the existing drywall so that the framing wood is against the existing framing? If I don't, do I need to remove the metal corner pieces at either corner of the existing walls where I am going to be trying to make the new drywall blend nicely with the existing? Any other tips or advice for my project?

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Posted 2011-09-05T16:48:12+0000  by TotalNewb TotalNewb

You'll want to remove the drywall so the new framing touches the old framing.  You'll also need to remove the corner bead, unless you want to see traces of where the old opening was before you installed the new door.  You'll have a heck of a time trying to mud over the old corner bead so it doesnt show.


Be sure the rough opening you create is what the door requires.  Prehung doors have these measurements on the  packaging. 

Be very careful to have the hinge side framing perfectly plumb.  Then you can press the frame into the opening without worrying about shimming that side.  Before you attach it, place the level across the top of the door frame and see that it is level or can be leveled by raising the side opposite the hinge.  If that side needs to be rasised, no problem.  If it needs to be lowered, you are out of luck.  If that is the case, you'll need to raise the hinge side slightly so the top casing is level.

When putting up the new drywall, plan on using 3 or 4 coats rather than one or two.  In the long run, it's easier and you'll have less sanding to do which will please your wife more than you could possibly imagine.  Drywall dust drives wives crazy.

Good luck with the new office.



Posted 2011-09-05T19:31:30+0000  by PBM27540



My name is Tom, known here in the community as HD 116. Welcome to our community! I saw the excellent response to your question provided by PBM, and wanted to provide you with a link to an earlier post that described a similar situation involving installing prehung doors.


In this post, another community member needed to install a prehung door in order to finish a room. Gruemaster a top contributor, and Newf, one of our founding Home Depot experts, provided some great information that I thought would add to the fantastic overview given by PBM above.


Good luck with your project, and please take some before and after pictures to share with the community! If you run into anything or have further questions, please post them as that is what the community is all about.

Posted 2011-09-06T12:48:50+0000  by HD116
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