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Interior Painting Questions



My girlfriend and I are moving into a new rental place soon and want to paint our walls differently than they currently are. We are looking at painting 3 rooms currently; the bedroom, living room, and bathroom. We both have little to no experience with painting.


The bedroom currently is off white with a maroon accent wall, and we want to paint it blue. (~150 sq ft)


The living room is a dark blue and we want to paint it a light yellow. (~350 sq ft)


The bathroom is also dark blue and we want to paint it like a minty blue. (~150 sq ft)


I wanted to go with the behr premium plus or premium plus ultra but cant seem to figure out which one would both be easiest and cheapest. I would assume that we would need to prime the bedroom all one color first to cover up the accent wall right? Or would using the behr premium plus paints eliminate the need for that? As far as painting yellow over dark blue would we require a primer for that as well?


Essentially I am trying to figure out if buying a separate primer is required or if the paint + primer would do the job.

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Posted 2013-07-03T17:05:59+0000  by czechzilla czechzilla

Welcome to our community Czechzilla!


Thank you for your questions! Painting can really change the look of a room and it's a great way to personalize a new living space. The Behr Ultra (paint and primer in one) is thicker than the Behr Premium Plus (without primer mixed in), therefore it will cover darker colors better without a separate primer. I have seen Ultra cover red paint with a neutral color in two coats. It really is a wonderful product and one that I highly recommend. :smileywink:


Just by what you have described, it seems like just using the Behr Ultra will be enough to paint all of your rooms. If you were to go with the Behr Premium Plus (without primer mixed in) you would have to do a separate primer coat before you painted any of the rooms you have described because you will be making such drastic color changes. 


Each gallon of Behr Ultra covers between 300- 400 square feet. Remember, you will more than likely have to apply two coats, so to figure out how much you will need you should double the size of the room to figure out how much paint you will need for two coats. 


Painting for the first time can be nerve wrecking, so here is a Project Guide that explains how to paint an interior room.


If you have any more questions, please let us know!


Christine :smileyhappy:


Posted 2013-07-03T18:33:22+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

I have used both paints and prefer the Behr Ultra.  I found the Prem Plus chalky and with an odor that lasted awhile.  I was able to cover hot pink, navy, and a medium blue walls with Ultra in an ivory color (2 coats).  I was able to cover a dark blue with an Ultra paint in a light blue, like the minty one you are looking at.

Posted 2013-07-08T01:16:09+0000  by susanford

A bit of clarification here:


Behr Premium Plus IS self-priming. It will seal porous surfaces and adhere to slick surfaces. It does not claim to be a stain killer, as does Ultra. A separate dedicated primer is NOT generally neccessary. The Premum Plus label still clearly states "self-priming", although it has been moved to the side of the can instead of on the front. I suspect this was for marketing reasons to emphasize Ultra's self-priming abilities.


The coverability of a paint is largely determined by the amount of white pigment. Both Premum Plus and Premium Plus Ultra have the same amount of titatium dioxide. Both Premium Plus and Premim Plus Ultra share the same tint formula for the same desired color. Were there different amounts of white pigment, the formula would have to be alterred.


The other prime factor in determning color coverage is the nature of the colorants. The "primary" colors i.e. red, yellow and  blue, do not block the transmission of light as well as the "organic" colorants such as raw umber and lamp black. A "clear" pastel pink will simply  not cover as well as a grey containing lamp black. Unfortunately, the organic colorants also darken and dull the color. Every painter knows that a couple drops of lamp black and/or umber will greatly improve the covering ability of white. It is for this reason that Behr's Ultra Pure White will not cover as well as other manufacter's "White". Other manufacturer's routinely dull down their white to improve coverage.


Ultra does lay out a thicker film, hence better covering ability.  Ultra might well cover certain colors in only one coat.  However, if two coats is mandated, one might just as well use the Premium Plus, all things being equal.


I do not mean to demean Ultra in any sense. Ultra is a wonderful paint and I have used it in and on  my house, especially where its other attributes are desireable. Its dense Nano particle formulation is superb in high moisture areas such as baths and laundrys. But when the discussion is simply of color change and sealing of the wall, Premium Plus is often a perfectly good alternative at a more favorable price point. Renters in particular might be more price conscious. The renter is not generally looking a dozen years down the road in that apartment, and indeed, they may be required to return the apartment to its original generic white before leaving or suffer surrender of their security deposit.

Posted 2013-07-08T05:55:14+0000  by ordjen
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