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Interior door install


I have two interior doors that I would like to have replaced. The doors in my house are the old hollow core oak stained doors that minus my two bedroom doors are in very good shape. I am looking to replace the doors and jambs as neither of them shut right. The one will not shut all the way unless its forced from inside the room and even then it can still be opened even with the door locked. The other one has can't be locked at all because the strike plate on the jamb does not even match up with the doorknob.

Does Home depot do all of this work?
Do I stain them myself later on or will the installer do this? I know that I will need to find the stain to match unless they are able to help.

Thought I would ask about it here. Really do not want to replace everything as there is no real need to but those two doors are driving me crazy and need to go! Thank you
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Posted 2016-08-28T14:54:52+0000  by jk4321 jk4321
Hi jk4321,

The best solution for you is to purchase prehung doors, these doors come already hung in the door jamb and the entire unit is installed in the opening. This is a much easier method to replace doors than removing and replacing the jamb and then hanging new doors.

Prehung Door

They are easy to install, the old door and jamb is removed, then the new prehung door is installed in the opening, leveled and shimmed, once they are nailed or screwed into place only job left is the door trim and staining them. We offer installation service as well if you do not want to install them yourself.

The doors can be ordered with right or left hand swing and predrilled for door handles. There are numerous materials and styles available, for more information, visit the mill works department at your local Home Depot.


Posted 2016-08-29T22:29:10+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hello jk4321 and welcome to the Community.

Yes, Home Depot does offer Interior door install service.  You can access this service by opening this link, Or call 1-855-752-3352 to get a estimate. 

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2016-08-30T13:40:53+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Thank you so much! that sounds like my best option. Now do the jambs come with the notch for the knob strike plate already in them etc? I'm assuming the jambs are pretty standard so it will match up. As for the trim work is my existing trim around the door re used? Of course I would like that to match up as well as the stain.

I will definitely have them installed and drilled out for the knobs. I already have those which are relatively new.

I also see the same sizes coming up on the website. For example 30x80. Our doors are just under both of those measurements so can everything be custom ordered?

Sorry....real novice here when it comes to doors all I know is that I want new ones that actually close! Thanks again.
Posted 2016-08-30T23:26:05+0000  by jk4321
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