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Interior door modification

I have a door opening in my basement that is 30" w x 77 1/2' w.  Can not find a door that short to buy.  Can I cut a standard size door down to this size?

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Posted 2013-09-16T21:20:41+0000  by djd djd

Hi djd,


Unfortunately standard 80 inch interior doors do not have enough structure to cut them down to the size you need.


You will have to have a door custom made to fit the opening.


The millworks associates at your local Home Depot can give you a quote on a custom order door to fit your opening.



Posted 2013-09-16T22:19:08+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

If you use "flush" doors (meaning the surface of the door is flat) you probably can do it.  A solid core, flush door would be easy to trim.  A hollow core can be done too, it's just a little trickier.  Hollow core doors have a wood frame on the outside of the door that's about 1 1/2" thick.


What you do is trim the door to the desired length.  That leaves you the solid wood "frame" piece sandwiched between to layers of veneer.  You remove the veneer, clean out a little of the cardboard core, and slip the "frame" back into the door, gluing it in place.


Posted 2013-09-16T22:56:42+0000  by Adam444
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