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Doors & Windows

Interior door replacement

I need to replace an interior door leading from the downstairs living area to the upstairs living area. It has a thumb lock on the handle and is a hollow wood slab.

Can I replace it myself?

Do I need a building permit to replace it?

I live in San Francisco.


Dan Boone
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Posted 2018-01-12T17:55:54+0000  by danboone danboone
Hello DanBoone, and welcome to the Community!

Yes you can replace it yourself! Bring in the dimensions, and hopefully we have your size in stock, if not we can special order it. Also, please take down the the locations of the hinges and where you currently have the the door hole drilled. When measuring for hinges & door bore, measure from the top of the door down to each hinge or to the center of the hole. 

With the matter of a building permit, you would need to check with your city if one is needed. 

Posted 2018-01-12T19:36:17+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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