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Interior painting

What is the best way to paint a room with the furniture in it?  And the floor is carpeted?

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Posted 2011-01-15T17:21:02+0000  by sababy sababy

Hello sababy,


My name is Christine and I’m a paint associate at The Home Depot in Atlanta. This is a pretty common question and one that I’m happy to answer for you!


Are you painting the walls and the ceiling in this room? If you are planning on painting the ceiling, you should paint that first. During this time, move your furniture to the edges of the room, and cover your pieces thoroughly with a drop cloth. Use paint that is specifically made for ceilings. This paint will create less splatter, which boils down to less mess.


Once the ceiling is dry, it’s time to paint the walls. This may be the starting point for your project if you are not painting the ceiling. If it’s possible, I would suggest moving all the furniture to the middle of the room. Once it is clumped together, you should drape a drop cloth on top of it.


On the flip side, if there is too much furniture to gather in the middle of the room, you will want to paint one wall at a time, moving only the furniture necessary. This will take longer, but it’s totally worth it. Make sure not to move the furniture back to its home until the wall is completely dry.


Protecting the carpet will also require you to use drop cloths. If you are painting the ceiling, make sure that wherever you are painting, that there is protection on the floor around you. You will probably need to move the drop cloth around to ensure this. It may be particularly tricky since there is furniture around as well.


Once you begin painting the walls, you will only need the drop cloth to be under the wall that you are painting. If you have baseboards, I would suggest taping the drop cloth to the baseboards with painters tape so you don’t accidently move it with your feet while you are painting. If you don’t have baseboards, just keep an eye on the drop cloth as you move around, and adjust it accordingly.


If you choose to use a plastic drop cloth, you will want to pay attention to the mil. The higher the mil, the thicker it is going to be. I generally recommend using 3.5 mil plastic if you are walking on it. For covering furniture, you can use the 3.5 mil, but you also have the option of using something a little thinner as well. I wouldn’t use anything less than 1 mil because it tears really easily.


You can also use cloth drop cloths. These you would be able to reuse and are more durable than the plastic ones.


Let me know if I can help with anything else!


Christine :smileyhappy:       

Posted 2011-01-15T20:01:58+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Bunch the furniture in the middle of the room.


Try to leave an area about 4 feet wide around the perimeter. get some  .7 mil plastic and cover the contents.


Take some 2 mil plastic, available in 9 x 12 sheets ( HD stopped selling rolls of it for some unknown reason even though it is the standard in the painting trade)  and cut it with sciccors into 4 foot wide runners.


Take some 2 inch wide yellow masking tape (save your money... dont buy blue tape it was originally called long mask tape but 3M has convinced the average DIY that it is required lol)


Push the leading edge of the tape onto the baseboard 1/8 the push down into the gap between the carpet and baseboard, Pull the backside of the tape up and tuck the leading edge of your plastic runner underneath.


Do this all the way around the perimeter


Do any required prep then prime if necessary and paint after primer dries.


Slow pull tape and plastic up and discard


Put furniture back.



Posted 2011-03-21T18:53:35+0000  by paintguy606
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