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Invasive weed

Invasive Goutweed has been growing wild for 4 years at our new property. Can anyone who has had success with erradicating it give me any advice? It is mostly contained to a the garden beds and along the back of the house, I am looking to lay sod but am terrified that it will creep its way into the lawn. I am willing to solarize, use chemical warfare and dig my little heart out but am looking for success stories for hope and inspiration.

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Posted 2013-06-11T18:07:20+0000  by taunicag taunicag

Hi taunicag,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community.  When an invasive weed becomes established, it can be very difficult to eradicate.  Goutweed has a strong root system which is difficult to remove, especially when you need to remove 100% of the root system to be successful in remove this invasive species.  



Your Goutweed sounds very similar to the Devil Grass also known as Bermuda that we have here in Southern California.  Our Bermuda will also throw seeds out as well as having an invasive root system which makes it difficult to get rid of as well. 


There are several methods for getting rid of Goutweed.  Digging the weed out by hand is effective providing that you take the time to be sure to get all of root system.  All of the root system means every piece, even the small 1/8 and ¼ inch pieces.  When digging the Goutweed out, be prepared to dig deeply into the soil as this plant has a very healthy tap root system.   




I prefer to use a Gardening Fork, Tilling Fork or as it is called in Minnesota, a “Potato Fork”.  This heavy tined garden tool will allow you to break up the soil around the root system without cutting any part of the root system and leaving  behind tiny bits of root to creep back to life later. 


                             Tilling Fork D-Handle.jpg 

 In addition to digging the weed out, a non-selective herbicide has also been effective.  Round Up and DuraZone by Bayer are effective non-selective herbicides.  Both come in a ready to use containers as well as in a concentrate.


Round up Grass and Weed Control.jpgRoundupExtendedControl.jpg Bayer DuraZone.jpgBayer Durazone Concentrate.jpg


Always be careful when using non-selective herbicides.  A drifting spray can also affect plants that you did not intend to kill.   


An extreme weed removal technique would be to have the top soil removed and then replaced with new, clean soil.  I think that, if you are willing to put in the effort and consistency, you will be able to remove you invasive Goutweed.  I think that removing weeds by hand is the most effective way.  As long as you are careful to remove all of the root system, your efforts should be rewarding.  


Be sure to take pictures of your project and share them with using our Project Library under "I Did This".  Please let us know if you have any further questions.


This has been another of,


Posted 2013-06-11T19:54:41+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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