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Is Behr paint with primer too thick to be sprayed on a Wagner sprayer

I have a Wagner sprayer that cost $80. Is the Behr 2 in one paint too thick to uSed with
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Posted 2013-04-27T20:38:44+0000  by Drgenovese Drgenovese



In my less than humble opinion, the inexpensive hand held units just do not handle heavy bodied acrylic/latex paints well, regardless of what their advertising says. They do well on lighter bodied materials such a stains and varnishes. Most acrylic paints will allow you to thin them up to 8 ounces of water per gallon, but this is insufficient to increase their viscosity for spraying. By the time additional water has been added to make it spray, the integrity of the paint has been compromised.


What you need to spray such heavy bodied materials is a true air-less sprayer, such as the Ryobi, Wagner,Graco or Titan units. Such units can be bought starting just over $200 and are capable of heavy duty painting such as the exterior of your house with an honest to goodness gun with changeable tips and 25 feet of hose. 


Graco does make a handheld, small job unit capable of spraying heavy bodied paints, but it is priced around $400 on the Home Depot website.  The average homeowner is not going to buy one at this cost.


Home this has been of some assistance.

Posted 2013-04-27T21:31:55+0000  by ordjen
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