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Is Custom Red Guard waterproofing compatible with Capital Ceramic Tile Adhesive?

Is Custom Red Guard waterproofing compatible with Capital Ceramic Tile Adhesive?  I bought both on line at but reading the instructions on the Red Guard package states "do not use pre-mixed ceramic tile adhesives"   

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Posted 2014-02-02T20:27:38+0000  by BTB BTB

Seems like you've answered your own question.


It's really not that hard to mix thinset.  You need a bucket, water, and maybe some kind of mixing attachment for a drill (although you can do it by hand too).



You want about the consistency of peanut butter.

Posted 2014-02-02T20:41:53+0000  by Adam444

Hey BTB,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


In short, no I wouldn't say your Capitol Ceramic Tile Adhesive is compatible with RedGard, nor would I personally ever recommend using it at all...especially if you are tiling a floor with it .


Pre-mixed tile adhesives are very bad with drying in a timely manner, and are a poor choice for adhering tiles on a floor. They work great on backsplashes and shower walls (i.e. vertical surfaces) because of their instant holding power.


If that is what you have going on, a wall tile installation, then that is okay. But since it sounds like you are putting RedGard down, I'm going with the assumption the RedGard is going over a concrete slab floor.


I've had too many experiences with customers telling me about the very slow drying time with pre-mixed tile adhesives. I've heard of tiles popping up weeks AFTER they have been set! The acrylic in them take days to set...even your manufacturer states this.


The best bet you can do for yourself (if this is going on a floor) is to return that pre-mixed adhesive to your local store, and grab a higher quality thin-set mortar that can dry within 12 hours. These mix with water, and are polymer-based, meaning the water acts as a catalyst for a quicker drying time and more importantly, a better bond.


If you decide to install wall and floor, use a thin-set mortar used for both. Shown and linked below, this mortar works great for any type of tile, and is strong enough for large tiles even on walls.

Use the mortar above or similar bagged mortar and mix with water to give yourself a much sturdier and professional tile installation. Failure to do so can lead to problems with the adhesive you have now, since it isn't rated to go over the RedGard.


Let me know if you have any additional questions,


Posted 2014-02-05T14:08:06+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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