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Is Primer a special paint or can it be any white paint??

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Posted 2013-07-20T15:00:31+0000  by 1homey 1homey



I am going to make the assumption that you painted over an existing finish. Even if you scuff sanded the old finish, the adhesion to existing varnishes is never going to be the same as that to open grain wood where the primer can penetrate deep into the wood. I am afraid that further chipping will be a continuing problem short of completely stripping the floor back to virgin wood and starting over.


This is true of cabinetry which has been  painted over also, but floors get far more abuse than cabinets. Walking , dragging of furniture, dropping of items, etc. will all result in chipping.


Sorry for the bad news :smileysad:

Posted 2013-07-20T15:12:57+0000  by ordjen

You did not answer my question???  Did you answer the wrong person???

Posted 2013-07-20T21:39:37+0000  by 1homey




Sorry, I apparently got my wires crossed.


To answer your question: There are dedicated primers which are formulated to seal porous surfaces, adhere to slick surfaces, block stains and facilitate a color change.


There are also "paint and primers in one" which exhibit many of the qualities of a dedicated primer. However, they tend to cost considerably more than a dedicated primer and are somewhat of a compromise in an attempt to make it convenient to the consumer.


Would I use a paint and primer in one to prime a whole house of new drywall? No! A dedicated drywall primer would do the job at about a third of the cost of a combination paint. Frankly, I am from the old school and still believe in a dedicated primer for such a task.


Would I use a paint and primer  in one on very slick surfaces? Again no! Dedicated primers such as Glidden's Gripper and Zinsser's 1-2-3 will excell at adhesion.


Would I use a paint and primer in one to seal bad water or nicotine stains? Again no! Dedicated oil or shellac based primers will seal these stains faster and more completely than a water based primer or paint and primer in one.


Would I use the paint and primer in one product, such as Behr's Ultra or Glidden's DUO, to facilitate a color change over walls in otherwise pretty good condition? Yes! Here is where the paint and primer in one products excell. Here one only has to go around with the paint itself, possibly saving a complete second coat. Should the paint not quite succeed in covering the old color, you only have to go around again with the same paint. You avoid having to possibly have a primer mixed to match the finish color, then stop and clean your equipment and then go into the paint product.


There are scenarios where the paint and primer in one can actually save money:  If your room is of such dimensions that it requires about a gallon and one half of primer and then a gallon and a half of paint, you would be better off both from the standpoint of convenience and from dollar cost to simply buy three gallons of the paint and primer in one product. Otherwise, you would have a half gallon of primer in a mixed color left over and also a half gallon of paint left over. you would have also saved a lot of time!


So, to answer your original question: yes, primers are special paints which accomplish very specific goals. However, some paint and primer in one paints can be used in place of dedicated primers in some situations, as styated in the above examples.


Hope this clarified and answered your question to your satisfaction.

Posted 2013-07-21T02:03:33+0000  by ordjen

You did answer my question and more.  Thank you very much for all the info. 

Posted 2013-07-21T17:59:55+0000  by 1homey
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