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Is Ultra Siliconizer good or bad for flat roofs? I'm being told 2 different things.

I live in FL and have a flat roof on the back of my home. I recently found a small leak as my ceiling is showing a stain.
I heard of Lanco's Ultra Siliconizer elastomeric roof coating from several people. I've also seen videos of these types of sealers being put on flat roofs.
The product says it's meant to be used on several types of roofs.
I'm being told use it, but then I'm also being told do not use it as it retains moisture and any water pooling, will damage my roof underneath faster and is meant for mobile homes.
My roof does pool in some spots, but I'd say no longer then 3 days max because of the FL summer heat. Only the humidity or several days of rain would keep it on longer.
I did use it on my very small flat roof above my bathroom before, but noticed after a a year it's still holding up, but has a red/pink tint to it.....almost as if it's mildew.
What's the truth to this stuff?

Is it good or bad?

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Posted 2015-03-05T20:09:06+0000  by natetrain247 natetrain247

Hello natetrain247, and Welcome to the Community! 

I assume this is the product you are referring to

From what info I can find from the manufacture, they indicate that it has a  High resistance to ponding water*

The feature sheet states, Ensure that roof substrate is thoroughly clean.Remove all foreign matter and loose previous coatings by sandblasting, high-pressure water stream or wire brushing. Remove all mildew and fungus growth with a 1:3 bleach solution and flush well with water, then allow to dry completely. *Substrate should not pond water for longer than 48 hours. Coat entire roof surface with Acrylic Primer Sealer AS-210 at a rate of 250 sq.ft./gal. when necessary. 

You can also contact Lanco at  (407) 240-4000

Posted 2015-03-05T21:34:47+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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