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Is it my thermostat or furnace?

I have an electric furnace and I think my thermostat is having problems. I noticed that my fiancé was not turning on even though the thermostat was set (I.e. thermostat is set to 70, the house is 67 and nothing turns on). I turned the thermostat off and on again. Now when I turn the temperature up to turn the heater on, the furnace will cycle but the blower never comes on and the temperature on the display goes up as if it had heated the area. I can turn the fan on "On" and the blower will blow, but not on auto.

I replaced the air filters and the thermostat battery all within the last month or so. I am just looking for a direction to start in. If it's the thermostat, that seems like an easier fix than the furnace itself.
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Posted 2016-05-01T20:12:31+0000  by incogcheeto incogcheeto

Hello incogcheeto,


Sorry to hear about the furnace problem. I recently went through some similar troubles with mine. Not knowing a lot about the workings of a furnace I was also hoping mine was just a thermostat issue. I used the thermostat pictured below as my test unit. I like it because it's a simple install and the price isn't bad at all.



Once everything is properly connected you can check the operation of the furnace and isolate whether it was the old thermostat or the furnace. In my case it luckily turned out to be just the thermostat. If you’re still having problems, I recommend you have the unit looked at by a licensed technician. You can follow this link to check on service availability in your area. I hope this helps.




Posted 2016-05-02T14:21:02+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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