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Is it possible to convert a standard recessed halogen light to a pendant?

Is it possible to convert a standard recessed halogen light to a pendant? We have 2 recessed halogen lights about 2 feet apart above the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and the light is terrible. Pendants would be better - is there a way to convert the standard halogen can to be able to use a pendant? I know halogen pendants exist but I'm not sure if they can be plugged into the current socket? I have also seen can-to-pendant conversion kits but these looks like they're for incandescent screw-ins only. thanks for any help!!

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Posted 2013-10-22T15:39:15+0000  by al50981 al50981

Hey al50981,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I'm assuming the 'standard' recessed halogen light looks similar or is the one shown below, yes?

From what it sounds like, you have a GU-10 base bulb socket that you'd like to convert into a pendant.


While you are correct that we sell recessed lighting conversions kits, they can actually be converted instead of using the incandescent screw in.

Since we don't carry a GU-10 or other type of base adapter (at least as of this post), what you'd do is essentially hard-wire everything. In that I mean, you'd need to take out the socket in the existing can and wire that directly to your new pendant, all while keeping the adapter on the can.


While this may sound like extra work, its still a far cry from the other option of opening the drywall and insert new junction boxes. This way, you can easily get the pendant lights you want to illuminate your bathroom.


Let me know if you have any further questions, and keep us updated on your progress.



Posted 2013-10-23T20:36:27+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

hi joseph! thanks for your reply!


i don't know what the body of the light looks like, but the exterior part that i can see is identical to this:


by "base bulb socket" do you mean the part of the light i see when i remove the halogen lightbulb? are you saying that i can also remove this part, and wire it to the pendant light? could i use any pendant light?


sorry for all the questions - last one - are you aware of any DIY type tutorial on the internet where i could familiarize myself a little bit more with the process?



Posted 2013-10-23T22:03:13+0000  by al50981

Hey again al50981,


It's no problem at all!


I haven't really seen any tutorials since its a fairly straightfoward process to do. The conversion kits I showed you in this thread above was for 6 in. trims. The link you gave us was a  4 in. diameter can...which means if this is the exact measurement of your fixture, our conversion kit wouldn't work.

Before we get into replacing this with a pendant, measure the diameter of your recessed light. If the hole itself after removing the trim is 6 inches, then you can use the kit. If it's smaller, the conversion kit won't work.


There maybe other conversion kits out there for smaller recessed lights, but I personally haven't see any. Just do an internet search to see what you can find.


In terms of wiring everything up, you'd simply bypass the socket by removing it and straight-wiring the hot and netural to their respective wires.


Let me know what size opening of can light you have, and we can go from there.






Posted 2013-11-02T18:54:06+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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