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Is it too late to plant new grass seed in Long Island?

Is it too late to plant new grass seed in Long Island?
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Posted 2017-10-17T00:26:02+0000  by joejohn84 joejohn84

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Greetings joejohn84,

Planting grass seed at this point in the season is indeed a bit chancy, the ground temperatures are cooling and both the day and night temperatures will be dropping consistently during the next several weeks….that is based on the change of the season. Fall is the best time to seed, early fall is the ultimate time!

We are discussing Mother Nature now…she has a mind of her own and this autumn has been unseasonably warm, with the first patchy frost temps in the Boston area just last night, with a warming trend for the rest of the week, that is what I am talking about ….it is a gamble to put seed down now.

If you spread seed at this point with the notion that it may take and germinate, or it will not and you are up for the challenge then I say go for it! The calendar pages are turning but the temps are still sitting in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and some 80 degree days....the weather has been so unexpected, anything is possible.

I also want you to consider these facts as well; the leaves in our region are falling, will you need to rake, or blow the area in which you will be spreading seed? The displacement from raking or blowing will destroy any early root system of the turf.

Wind, water and birds will take some of the seed (that is true for any time you plant seed) so make sure you spread enough to compensate for some loss, also think about the cost and the financial loss as well, if the seed does not germinate …like I stated it is a gamble.

There is “definitely a possibility” that germination may take place, but I can guarantee that you will need to over seed again in the spring, whatever grows at this point in time, I am sure will be sparse, but at least that is something…. If that is okay with you? Just anticipate that an over seeding in the early spring is likely, fescue seeds are the choice cool season grass seed for this region, Pennington Seed company has cool seson seeds for specific regions of our country.

Is there an erosion problem, are you planting now to hold back soil? It is still a great time to install sod if erosion is a problem, or if you just want instant gratification, sod is the answer

This is the perfect time to lay sod, the soil is still warm, the roots of the sod are ready to take hold and the natural moisture in the morning autumn air is beneficial. You may want to consider sod, check with your local Home Depot for the availability of sod, in your area or even a direct shipment from the sod farm depending on the amount of rolls needed, delivery can be arranged.

So you can take a chance, who knows, we could get an “Indian Summer” that extends into December (fingers crossed), and you will mow your new turf before the winter sets in! The reality is that it takes 7-21 days for seed to germinate in perfect conditions, so the chance factor plays in once more.

I know that this is not a definitive answer, it is your choice but I hope that this helps you weigh your options, and think about the pros and cons!  

Let us know if you have any other questions.    Maureen


Check out the Pennington site for great informative videos on seed and lawn care!

Posted 2017-10-17T14:22:56+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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