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Is silica sand the same as any sand or is there a special material that is used in potting mixes for carnivorous plants?

I need silica sand for mixing potting mediums required for carnivorous plants, such as the Venus fly trap. Is that the same thing that is in play sand or is there a specific one? I found this commercial silica sand, but it seems to be for outdoor ashtrays. I am wondering if this is the same thing I need for the potting mix and if I can find a smaller quantity of it?
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Posted 2015-05-07T15:01:46+0000  by samanthacomo samanthacomo
Hi samantha,

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Silica sand granules are consistent in size and are very clean. It is often used in swimming pool filter systems.

As far as using it to amend potting soil, silica sand offers no advantages over other sands when mixing it with soil.

Silica sand is highly processed, screened, cleaned and sized to be consistent, which adds to the cost of the product.

It can be used, but so can most other sand. The smaller packages of sand tend to be more expensive than Play Sand.

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Posted 2015-05-08T17:48:46+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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