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Is there a DIY guide for HVLP sprayers? I would like to avoid "first time" mistakes.

Just bought an HVLP paint sprayer, and I am looking for DIY guides or videos.  I have never used (nor heard of) HVLP sprayers before Sunday when looking to purchase a sprayer to help complete a cabinet refinishing job.  If anyone has any helpful hints they would be willing to share it would be greatly appreciated.  In the mean time, I am going to unpack this baby (UPS just dropped it off) and put it together.  Many thanks!

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Posted 2014-02-04T21:39:31+0000  by G2NTX G2NTX




HVLP stands for  "High Volumn Low Pressure".  Conventional sprayers use relatively little volumn of air, but at relatively high pressures ( 60 or 70 pounds of pressure). The paint is siphoned out of the paint pot by the venturi effect of air passing over the paint pick up tube where it passes through the needle valve and is then hit with streams of air from two directions at the spray tip. This atomizes the paint. Unfortunately, it also creates quite a bit of overspray, which amounts ot wasted paint.


A true HVLP sprayer does not use an air compressor at all, but uses an air turbine to produce large volumns of air under only very low pressure, as low as single digit . The air delivery hose resembles a vacumn cleaner hose in size to accommodate the high volumn of air. Because the air pressure is so low, the paint experiences far less overspray and more of the paint reaches the surface.


There are hybrid HVLP sprayers that use an air compressor, but operate at somewhat lower pressure than a conventional gun., but still much higher than the turbine driven models.


Otherwise, the guns look quite similar with a trigger, adjustments for spray pattern and for paint volumn. On normal guns, the pressure can be trottled by use of the air gauge on the compressor.


With siphon cup guns, you must watch that the air inlet to the cup does not get plugged with paint. The siplon gun has a little hole that allows air into the pot. If air cannot get in, the paint cannot be siploned out. You will experience a slower and slower paint delivery as this hole slowly closes. Simply push a small nail trough it to clear out the paint.


There is another paint delivery system in use commonly by spray guns. This is the gravity feed . The gravity feed guns have the paint pot on top of the gun and the paint gets to the nozzel by gravity, rather than by siphoning.


Your gun certainly has a users manual that came with it. However, I more and more go to "You Tube" for instructional material. There are limitless videos out there that can be accessed by just typeing in "HVLP Sprayers" in the search box. Manufacturers have learned that You Tube is a free source of disseminating information to the consumer. Many tradesmen do the same thing as a free source of advertising.


Of course, most every manufacturer has a website from which info may be downloaded.


Hope this is of some help.

Posted 2014-02-05T06:16:23+0000  by ordjen
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