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Is there a product for my drafty windows in my apartment that I can remove in the spring?

I want to remove it in the spring without damage to the apartment.
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Posted 2014-01-02T20:21:52+0000  by Md27diz Md27diz

Hey Md27diz,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!


I can tell you from experience growing up in a 60 year old house that drafty windows were a constant issue this time of year. You have 2 options to successfully insulate your windows.


They both involve the use of plastic sheeting, and its up to you how you want to approach it.


The first option was the one I did growing up was using 4 mil thick plastic sheeting. You'd cut it to a larger width and length of the window. Next, use a slender (1 or 1.5 inch wide) strip of cardboard on the edges and tack the plastic to the window frame. I like this option since you may have these materials already, and it leaves hardly any trace once its removed.


Another option that I used years later in my cold apartment window in Atlanta (it does indeed get cold down here!) for the product shown below...and Indoor Window Insulation Kit by Frost King. Click on it below for more information.


You'll need to make sure that the surface of the frame and window is completely clean so that the tape and film can successfully stick to the window. Other than the tape, the film easily comes off without leaving any residue behind once the weather gets warmer for removal.


When I used mine for my apartment, I didn't really see any leftover residue from the tape. And the film peeled right off without any hassles! Try that option or the first one above. Since my window was close to my bed, I noticed an immediate difference in how there was no longer any drafts coming from it.


In either case, you'll get those drafty windows stopped in no time!


Let me know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2014-01-02T20:43:07+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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