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Is there a trick to searching the HD Community for posts?

When I click help, I get this - "We're sorry, we could not find that page."

When I click search (only found on the lost page), I get the same message.

It seems the website is in need of some maintenance.  Or maybe I am just missing an obvious button on the HD Community page.

Ignore the category.  The website has no selection for general questions such as the online website.  Yet it's mandatory to select one of the options to submit a question...

Thank you.

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Posted 2019-12-29T18:32:14+0000  by brock275 brock275
OK.  Now I see the customer care selection.  I should have clicked that...
Posted 2019-12-29T18:34:03+0000  by brock275

Greetings brock275,

The Home Depot Community forum website is in the process of being assessed to make the site user friendly, we are hoping that the updates will take place in 2020.

You can post a question after clicking the “ask a question” box for the specific topic.

If you should want to research previously answered questions within your topic, i.e. garden, pull up that topic and enter the subject into the question bar.

No matter what the topic if you enter under customer care we will see your question.

Thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to navigate the system, keep coming back we are here to help, we are working to make it easier to find us and post a question.

All the best in the New Year and thank you,



Posted 2019-12-30T12:50:06+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question