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Is there a way to convert a light fixture into a lamp?

I bought a light fixture (a mini chandelier)  that is supposed to be hung from the ceiling. Is there a way, to change this, convert it somehow to be able to  just plug it into the wall like a lamp? Going into the attic and trying to figure out all the business of installing it into the ceiling seems a bit much for me. I'm using in my daughters' playroom in a reading nook, so plugging it into the wall would be ideal.


Any advice would be appreaciated!!!



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Posted 2011-09-02T20:22:59+0000  by thewife thewife

Hey Stephanie,


Welcome to the community!


I believe I have the best option for you when it comes to getting your mini chandelier converted to a plug-in type!


We sell an item in our lighting department called Swag Kits. They work by taking your existing wired fixture and turning it into a plug in with chain, plugs, and the hardware with instructions included! Below is a picture of this great product...

swag kit.JPG


While you may not need the chain and wire since you already have it on your fixture, I would still recommend buying this kit since it has the other crucial items to make the mini-chandelier a plug in type. Our kits come in white or antique brass, but I have found kits elsewhere that do come in other colors and finishes if this one isn't the right look for you.


You can connect the plug-in part of the wire to the wires coming off the chandelier either right above the light fixture or further up on the wire. I find that connecting the wire right above the chandelier makes it look better and it hides easier. To connect them and still make them look good, if you have a white chandelier, use butt splices (straight wire connectors) and not wire nuts to attach the wires together. Below is a picture with more details on these connectors..

butt splices.JPG

To connect the wires, strip back the 2 wires about a 1/2" from the ends and place the ends inside the butt splices. You should have 2 splices, one for each wire connection. Crimp them together once with a pair of good pliers, and only once. This will be the only electrical work to do and it's easier than installing the ceiling hooks to hold the fixture up!


Now you can hide the connections with white electrical tape, and after installing the hooks, chain, and plug in, there you have it....a plug in mini chandelier for your daughters reading nook!


Hope this helps you out, and any more questions do not hesitate to ask,


Posted 2011-09-03T14:21:46+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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