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Is there an air compressor larger than 33gal that runs 120v, or a larger one that can be converted?

I'm looking for something in the 80gal range but only have access to 120v. Any suggestions?

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Posted 2013-12-05T07:35:01+0000  by wimbo13 wimbo13

Hello wimbo13 and welcome to the Community.


I research several companies to find out the largest capacity compressor tank that can be utilized using 120v motor.  I found that the max. tank  size for stocked compressors is approximately  33 gallons.  The reason for that is a larger motor would be require to keep a 60 or 80 gallon tank full and pressurize and ready to deliver the requires PSI (pounds per square inch).   The smaller motor just can’t produce enough CFM (cubic feet per minute)  to practically fill a large tank.


Many portable generators produce 240v and could support a larger compressor tank.


Compressors can be modified for specific purpose by  using accumulator, valves and other controls.  I would be interested in what you are planning to use your compressor for. 


Thanks for your question and let me know if I can help you further.




I am a Home Depot Associate, trained and authorized to help people on the internet.

Posted 2013-12-05T20:35:31+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

Thanks Charlotte,


Using a generator isn't practical for me, so I will probably have to go with a 33gal. possibly 2.


I am using it to create a sparging system. I coach springboard diving and what we do is we run the compressed air through hosing to pvc pipe that lays at the bottom of the pool. The air is released out of hundred of holes drilled into the pvc and creates an air bubble that breaks the water tension, which makes doing belly and back flops a lot less painful!


I've heard of other teams connecting a smaller compressor to larger air tanks to get larger capacity. (larger capacity allows more kids to use the "bubbles" with less down time. Hence why I wanted something larger!


Any ideas would be great!

Posted 2013-12-05T20:41:46+0000  by wimbo13

Hi wimbo13.


Thanks for your rapid response.  I talked to a technical support person from one of  Home Depot compressor suppliers about your sparging system . We determined  you need a large volume of air but it does not need to be compressed and that can be accomplished by using a blower.  A blower pump like a leaf blower or Jacuzzi jets rather than a compressor.  Water does cause resistance so  there  need to be some pressure involve.   Let me do more research.  If you have any other ideas I would love to brainstorm with you.




I am a Home Depot Associate trained and authorized to help people on the internet.

Posted 2013-12-05T22:00:03+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

I'm not sure if that will work, but i'm certainly open to suggestions! If you follow this link, this gives you a basic idea of what I will be building (you can see in the pictures that the bubble created is very large. Would this be accomplished with using just a blower/large amount of air, like you've suggested? The bubble is not constant, but only as needed.

Posted 2013-12-05T22:05:09+0000  by wimbo13

A blower is what you need.  I suspect that the air volume output required to "bubble" the water is going to meet or exceed the capacity of an air compressor, especially one running at 120v.  So you'll end up with the compressor running all the time and that's going to significantly shorten its lifespan.


There are "regenerative" blowers designed to move large volumes of air but because they are typically an industrial item, they can get pretty expensive.  Maybe one of the smaller ones would be less pricey and run on 120v.  Certainly there are places like eBay on sellers of used industrial equipment which could save you some money.


I like the suggestion of a hot tub pump, but I believe they just recirculate the water.  We have a hot tub and I don't see any way that water enters the pumping system but there sure are a lot of bubbles in the water.

Posted 2013-12-06T00:44:51+0000  by Adam444
you can get as large a tank as you want. It just cycles less often, and longer.
Posted 2013-12-19T10:20:00+0000  by jl5095
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