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Issues with Allure Grip Strip "floating" above cement subfloor

I recently had the flooring in my entire 3 bedroom house (except 2 bathrooms) replaced with Allure Grip Strip vinyl planks.  Halfway through the install I noticed a lot of areas where the floor seemed to be floating above the subfloor.  Most areas the floor feels solid under your feet when you step on it, as you'd expect.  But in these problem areas the planks are hovering just above the subfloor, and you can feel it lower down when you step on it (and hear it as well).  There are raised spots like this in every room, some rooms have multiple spots.

The contractor doing the installation said my concrete floor must not have been level, and that these raised areas of the floor were probably places where the concrete dipped down.   Unfortunately I never asked them to include leveling in their quote, so it would have been at my cost to have them rip out the first half at that point and start over, which I couldn't afford.  The best he could suggest was to continue with the installation, roll it (which they were going to do anyway), then hope it would settle over time.  I don't believe it will.

I heavily researched this flooring for many months before deciding to move forward, and I never saw recommendations or even comments from previous customers that suggested I would need to have the concrete leveled first.  So my question is, did I just completely miss something in my research?  Is this actually from the concrete being unlevel or is something else wrong?  Has anyone else had problems like this? 

At this point I know there's nothing I can do to fix the problem, I just want to know where I went wrong, and hopefully prevent someone else from making the same mistake I now have to live with.

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Posted 2016-10-12T21:17:19+0000  by dawnwilk dawnwilk
While Allure is advertised as being installed over uneven floors, the Allure installation instructions specify a subfloor flatness of 1/4" in any 10 feet.  While you can't go back and check where the Allure has already been installed, maybe your contractor can check the unfinished areas before proceeding.  If you find the subfloor out of specification, then you'd need to have it leveled.

I haven't used Allure but because it isn't rigid like laminate flooring, I would imagine that over time it will "settle" somewhat and the sponginess you're experiencing will diminish with time.
Posted 2016-10-13T08:19:51+0000  by Adam444
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