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It's Time to Get New Gasoline!

Today, September 21st, is the last day of Summer.


Three months ago, I posted about the importance of maintaining fresh gasoline for your gas powered equipment. Here's a link to that post.


This Fall, we will get back out into the yard, cleaning up the lawn and collecting copious amounts of leaves than fall from the trees. We depend on our power equipment to help us handle these tasks. Lawnmowers have been in use for the summer, but chipper/shredders and tillers may not have been used since early spring, or even since this time last year!


The gasoline that is in the tanks of these machines will cause problems when it remains in the tank for more than a month. Regular use will avoid this situation, but any fuel left in a tank for longer than 1 month will begin to deteriorate and leave gum and deposits on critical carburetor parts.


Stabilizers should be added to your gasoline at the time of purchase to ensure the performance characteristics of the gas. It only takes 1/2 oz. of Stabil per gallon of gasoline to help preserve the gas for up to two years, but there are too many other contributing factors effecting your gas cans to expect it to be unaffected after two years.


Winterizing Your Lawnmower is an article sponsored by the E.P.A. that speaks to this subject. Small engines should be drained whenever possible when they will be stored for more than a month. The gas container should be emptied every 3 months by adding the fuel to another more active engine's fuel tank. Examples of these are large lawnmowers, four wheelers, or vehicles such as your car or truck.


Because you are being pro-active and disposing of the fuel before it goes bad, it will not harm your car's engine or catalytic converter. This applies to mixed(2-cycle) and non-mixed gasoline. Of course, if your lawn equipment runs on diesel fuel, dispose of that fuel in a car or truck that also runs on diesel.


Keeping your gasoline clean and fresh is the best way to avoid engine problems.




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Posted 2012-09-21T16:38:42+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL Travis_HD_ATL

I also buy the the sta- bil ethanol treatment that cub cadet gave a free sample of .I have always used it and it keeps mowers running great

Posted 2013-08-23T16:37:57+0000  by sissy77
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