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I've Been Fumed!!!

When was the last time someone walked right up and fumed you?!?


One of my customers did just yesterday and I was so surprised, I couldn't help but share the fume with you.


I recall the practice of fuming from years ago, but until my customer walked in with this example I never thought about sharing this unique technique which adds color to wood.

Look at this beautiful example of fumed white oak flooring!


According to my customer, Bill, the entire stock of white oak for one large room was stationed face-up in the closed garage (temps consistently above ninety degrees right now) and four bowls containing ammonia were evenly positioned among the boards.


The temperature inside the garage certainly exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit ... enough for the ammonia to evaporate.


The image above shows the unique, beautiful color absorbed into the wood after just six-hours fuming.


The longer you fume, the darker the result.


The only other treatment was one coat of hand-rubbed wood conditioner.


I love creative solutions!


Bill's result inspired me to fume you!

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Posted 2012-07-24T19:16:15+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL
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Posted 2015-06-04T21:41:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Sounds like the ammonia is speeding up the natural discoloration that red oat , and other woods go through. In my last house, I had red oak trim which I deliberately did  not stain, but merely varnished, knowing that in time it would darken and redden somewhat until it reached equilibrium.

My wife subsequently brought a white pine corner hutch for the kitchen. Knowing what would happen to the pine with time, I again merely varnished it. Within 6 months, the bright white pine matched the darkened red oak.

I often explain to customers that one of the purposes of stain is to not only give you initial color, but to stabilize the discoloration of a wood with time. For instance, had I wanted that white pine to remain bright white, I would have put a white "pickling" stain on it. If you don't want it to end up with what I call that "Northern Wisconsin  barroom"  look, it must be stained! Of course, you could just let it be unstained and hang a Leinenkugel's Beer sign up on the wall. :)
Posted 2015-06-05T19:33:36+0000  by ordjen
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