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Jasmin - for oudoors or not?

Can you please help me to identify the plant I have purchased in one of your stores? The code is: 7767600420. On the label it says: #8 Jasmin Bush. No Latin name or info about how to grow it.

This plant  is quite a big and if I would plant it in a pot, pot size 14" would be necessary. It has light green leaves somehow similar in look to citrus trees leaves.

It is blooming and has white small flowers with 8 petals and some flowers have light pink colour before opening.
It is very beautiful plant and has great Jasmin smell.

This plant was in outdoor garden section and not in the tropical plants section.  I was not able to find out from the people working there if I can plant it outdoors or not.

I did some research on the Internet and I think it is indeed Jasmin and probably not winter hardy. But since it was not in the tropical plants section, maybe it is winter hardy variety?

I would like to attach 2 pictures of my plant, but this option is not active, so I can not do that. Please let me know how to add pictures to the post. Thank you. 

Can you please help me to identify it and let me know if I can plant it outside and is if it is winter hardy? If possible, can you give me the Latin name as well? I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you very much for your help.
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Posted 2015-08-14T22:20:51+0000  by Ewa Ewa



Thank you for your question and welcome to our community. 


As long as you are signed into the community page, you should be able to post pictures.  On the top of the section where you would make your comments, there is a section where you can choose your Font Size, Font Family and Font Format.  To the right of this you should see 8 Icons.  If you put your cursor on the 4th Icon, it should say “Upload Image.  When you click on this Icon, it should say “Insert an Image” and then under that it will say “Choose File”.    When you click on Choose File, it will bring you to a page that should have your pictures on it. Choose a picture that is between 300 & 500 pixels in size and then post it with your article.


Regarding your Jasmine plants, all of these are grown for the outdoors.  There should be a plant tag that comes with the plant that will give you the planting zones and light requirements for this plant. 


The Star Jasmine is a vining plant that is designed for part sun and full sun.   This plant normally comes in the smaller black #1 nursery pots as well as the larger #5 black nursery pots.  There is also another vining plant call the Madagascar Jasmine or Stephanotis.


There is also a bushing variety of Jasmine called the Sambac Jasmine and the Night Blooming Jasmine, both of which are very fragrant.  The Sambac or Arabian Jasmine is fragrant during the day tine and the Night Blooming Jasmine is very fragrant at night.


If you are not within a planting zone for you plant, it will probably be necessary to keep your Jasmine in a pot and bring it indoors during the colder winter months.  If is necessary, be sure to keep your plant and a brightly lighted area.  Although some of the varieties of Jasmine can with stand full sun, do not place your plant in front of a window with full sun. The glass can magnify the sun and burn the leaves of the plant. 

Looking forward to seeing  the pictures of your Jasmine plant.


Posted 2015-08-18T18:10:40+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
Hello Ewa.

Jasmine is a tropical plant.  Typically grown in the South U.S., most varieties are graded for USDA hardiness zones 9-11.  Think Florida.  There are a couple of less flashy versions that are hardy as far north as zone 6, but none of these plants can stand up to a Canadian winter.


Posted 2015-08-18T19:07:10+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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