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Jasmine plant not flowering

I bought a jasmine plant in spring and planted it on the ground.  Plant is full of leaves. But didn't get any flowers from the day i bought it. 
Plz help me with it. 
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Posted 2017-10-02T03:01:31+0000  by BhargaviNaresh BhargaviNaresh

Hi Bhargavi.


Depending which type of jasmine you bought, there will be different sun requirements for the plant.  If there is too much shade, your jasmine may not be able to flower.  Since you have plenty of leaves this may be the case.  Another issue could be watering.  The flowers will require a bit more regular watering whether it be in the ground or in a pot.

The image above is a Star Jasmine.


Fertilizer could be another issue.  When you purchased the jasmine, it contained about 30 days’ worth of fertilizer in the soil.  After that, you could fertilize every 6-8 weeks with a higher phosphate fertilizer to help bring out more flowers.


Be sure that your plant is well watered before adding any fertilizer.  Since fall is upon us, the soil temperature will be cooling down.  Your Jasmine will probably not flower during the cooler periods of fall and winter.

Sometimes a flowering plant takes longer to become established and spends the first part of is growing season just developing its root system.  As long as your leaves are healthy and you are meeting the other growing requirements of the plant, you should have flowers by the next season.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2017-10-03T19:37:39+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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