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Just cracked an extremely old window...

Its a double window so old that it has a lever on the bottom that you must pull and push up at the same time to  open.... while opening it cracked.... there is many layers of old putty and paint around the edges of the window... what would be the easiest and cheapest fix?

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Posted 2013-04-30T16:46:41+0000  by jwaun01 jwaun01

Hello jwaun01 and welcome to the community!


I have done window glazing before, my one front room window had 20 small windows that needed new glazing. It was easier & cheaper than replacing the window with one big new window. 


If the glass you have is single glazing or individual thickness glass, this would be the easiest & cheapest way and you can do it yourself. One of the reasons why the old putty cracks is because the putty gets dried out, the wood sucks the oil from the putty. 


Also see Glass Window Installation-Glass Window Installation Tips & How-To Guide


If your glass is a double pane, then you will need to find a window company that can replace the glass, and possibly install it for you. 

Posted 2013-05-02T19:07:05+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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