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Just took out shower glass doors........

I can't get rid of the glue. I even tried trying to sand it.  Thoughts?

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Posted 2011-03-04T19:32:12+0000  by TMAC21174 TMAC21174

Hello TMAC21174,


Welcome to the Community.


When you say “glue” I’m assuming that you’re referring to the silicone adhesive. This is the most common adhesive used for this application.


 It sounds like you have already taken off most of it since you have gone to the extremes of sanding.


I have battles this same problem a few times and have come up with a couple of odd solutions.

I take as much of the silicone off as possible with a caulking removal tool. Then the first time I used a Magic Eraser and that worked ok but it took a few of them to get it all. So the next time I thought outside the box and went into my shop and got my old white rubber mallet and took it off the handle and cut it in half the long ways. I thought it looked like a large white eraser like the one I used in drafting class just for the construction world. To my surprise it worked great. Just like an eraser. It just balled all of the remaining silicone up and rubbed it off. I got the idea from a different forum when somebody mentioned that they used a dog’s rubber chew toy. Since I didn't’t have a dog toy I went with the next best thing.

caulk tool.jpg

rubber mallet.jpg                  

I know it's totally random but it worked for me. After I got all of the silicone off I thoroughly cleaned the area with denatured alcohol before I installed the new shower door.


We do carry a couple of items that are made to remove caulking. They are called Dap Silicone-Be-Gone and the other one is Motsenbocker's Lift Off. I have never used either one of these but they are made specifically for your application. I prefer the non-chemical way if at all possible.

silicon be gone.jpg                  

lift off.jpg               

I hope this helps you get the remaining adhesive off your shower so you can install your new shower doors.

Let me know if you have any other questions. The Community is always here to help.

Posted 2011-03-04T21:33:47+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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