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Keeping the edge up on your chain saw, spade or lopper

If you have ever tried to cut a root in your flower bed with a dull shovel or a dull spade, you can relate.  It is no fun to have the spade slide off that root you are trying to cut or bounce off that patch of grass you are trying to dig into.  When you jump on that shovel you want it to be driven into the ground not just sit there and have you look embarrassed when you fall over onto the lawn.  It does not take long and it is a simple task to  accomplish.  All it takes is a good metal file, round or flat, a table or a vice on a bench and a little of your time. 


If you have a really dull shovel or spade, it might need a machine grinder to put that initial edge on you tool, but after that, it is just a simple matter of putting a file and or a course stone to the to keep it sharp. 




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