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Kid Craft/Homework table below windows

I have some relatively low windows below which I would like to have a table/desk for my kids to do arts/crafts and homework. Its been hard to find a table that doesnt block the windows and that is the exact length of the two windows so I would like to build one. I need some guidance on material for the wood ( I want it to look substantila with nice edges and stained) thick it should be and other materials i need to "bolt" the surface of the table to the wall.  I would also like to put "sides" on the table so you cant see underneath it and I could put free-standing storage/drawer units underneath. 

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Posted 2011-08-29T15:36:29+0000  by jamulveny jamulveny


Hello and welcome to the community.

I think it’s great when we can’t find what we are looking for and have to custom design a solution.  There is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that you have the only one of its kind.

A few years ago I had a similar need for my kids and decided to build a desk that ran the span of a wall that was 20 ft.   I simply cut a 4x8 sheet of white laminate board, mounted it to a 2x4 attached to the wall, added some legs and it was ready to go.   Your project will be similar…

desk desk.JPG 



Materials needed:

  • A 4X8 sheet of ¾ inch stain grade plywood (like oak or birch) and cut the length in half.  *The Home Depot will cut this for you right in the store at no extra charge.
  • 2x4 - that will attach to the wall just under the windows.
  • Select  some small pieces of trim (3/4 inch wide) that will finish out the edges of the table.  Make sure they are stain grade and are similar to the type of wood you selected for the top.
  • 4 inch wood screws to attach the 2x4 to the wall.
  • 4 “L” brackets with screws to secure the side panels to the top.
  • Wood glue and small finish nails for the trim.
  • Stain, sandpaper, and polyurethane for the finished project.



  • Measure up from the floor to 29 inches and draw a level line under the length of the windows.
  • Locate the wall studs and mark with a pencil.  Attach the 2x4 to the wall with the 4 inch wood screws at the pencil marks.
  • Take one of the half cut pieces of plywood and cut out two side panels 29 inches high.
  • With the desk top lying on the ground – attach the side panels with “L” brackets to the inside.
  • Flip the desk so that you can attach it to the 2x4 support.  Nail or screw the top down onto the wall support.  *you may want to drill a hole through the top for computer or electrical cords.
  • Add trim to all the exposed edges of the desk with glue and small finish nails.

Now you’re ready for stain:

  • Apply the stain first by using a brush or cloth – follow manufacturer’s directions.
  • Apply a first coat of polyurethane over the stained wood.
  • Lightly sand after it has dried and wipe down with a clean damp rag.
  • Apply the second coat of polyurethane.

 I hope you enjoy the desk!



Posted 2011-08-29T18:41:55+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks so much! I have never built anything in my life so looking forward to the challenge. This is a very good start!

Posted 2011-08-29T20:24:14+0000  by jamulveny

Hey I was wondering, how strong is a 3/4 plywood board?

I plan to make a 6' x 2.5'  table top that is supported at only the corners

will it hold its own weight? and with a computer on it?




Posted 2012-05-09T21:50:46+0000  by assaf601

The simple answer is NO.


You can visit the Sagulator and check out the numbers for youself. The Sagulator will calculate deflection for your plywood based on the numbers you input.


You have several options. Double up the thickness of the 3/4 plywood, using some front and back edging to stiffen the shelf. You can also route at 3/8" deep dado in the end support for the shelf (use a plywood bit and not a standard 3/4" bit). A 3/4" bit will allow too much movement. A 23/32" bit will fit just right. That simple dado can cut deflection in the board 50%.


Yet another option is to skip 3/4" plywood altogether and use 3/16" thick hardboard. Use the hardboard to make yourself a torsion box. You'd be able to sit on it along with your computer. See my post about building the platform bed for the handicapped member of the forum: King sized platform bed

Posted 2012-05-10T01:48:27+0000  by Paul
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