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Kids Workshop July 2019

The temperatures soared in Boston during the July 4th holiday weekend, a true heat wave was upon us, but there was a cool, calmness in aisle #24 of the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot.  John, the Kids Workshop Captain, set up and prepared the work-space for all the little builders that would be coming through the doors to build the monthly KW project.

The first Saturday of the month at every Home Depot across our great nation brings The Kids Workshop, it is a scheduled calendar date for many parents and children, we also welcome first time builders, along with their favorite adult, The Kids Workshop is a very special event!  

Either a seasoned little builder or a total newbie, aprons are tied on, safety goggles are worn and project kits are handed out, it is fun for all and everyone child is welcome. Once the project is completed, tiny project pins are given and each child receives a certificate of completion, the excitement is contagious!

Julys project was a tiny tow truck, the perfect “little pick-me-up” and an escape from the sweltering heat outdoors. The build took many steps, lots of hammering, glue was spread and screws were tightened, axils and wheels tapped into place, a knotted rope, a hook, and tons of great stickers and wha-lah a functioning tow truck was constructed, and pure joy was built!

Kids come from far and wide to attend the Kids Workshop, we had a very special guest visiting all the way from Scotland for the July Kids Workshop, what a delight, his mum enjoyed the building just as much as he did!

Make a mark on your calendar, make a date with your favorite little builder, make the time to make the memories….just like summer days, years pass quickly by, and even the biggest tow truck cannot bring them back, make the first Saturday of every month make a difference for your favorite "wee" builder J

Hook all the moments and enjoy the summer,


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