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Kids top bunk play space

I am wanting to convert the top bunk space of my daughter's room into a sort of play room/storage. I was thinking of getting a piece of plywood to lay down on the metal bars (it is a metal bed) and then cover them in pieces of laminate wood flooring. It is only twin size- I am wondering if this would work? I have been hunting the internet to find a similar project but most of them are the wood bunk beds and I am not seeing anything with the metal ones. If anyone can help I would appreciate it!
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Posted 2018-08-04T19:24:19+0000  by ashleighmoe7 ashleighmoe7
Hello ashleighmoe7 and welcome to the Community.

You could use a piece of plywood and cover it with laminate flooring .  You could also use a 3/4"x 4' x8' piece of Melamine.  The Melamine has a hard smooth white finish.  You can have it cut to size in the lumber department of Home Depot.  


If you would like put on 3/4 in. x 25 ft. White Iron On Edge tape to finish the edges.


This product is very heavy so make sure your bed frame will tolerate the weight.  You also may want to secure it to the frame. One possible way of securing would be to drill hoses and use straps to tie it in place.

I would like to express my concerns about using a bed for purposes it is not designed for, especially making a play area so high off the ground.  Even when used as a bed great caution is need because of the fall hazard.  Also, you must be carefull not to over load it when using as storage because of the possibility of it collapsing on to a sleeping individual below.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Posted 2018-08-07T13:36:56+0000  by Char_HD_CHI


                                                                                                               Plank Paneling (lightweight) 

Greetings ashleighmoe ,

What a fun project! Converting a sleeping space of a bunk bed into a playing, and storage space sounds like my kind of project! 

I have been searching the web for ideas for you. I recently read a great magazine article about creating reading nooks for both children and adults, a tiny space dedicated to the luxury of reading, so I am inspired to give you a few suggestions.

First and foremost safety.  I want to question the weight constraint for the top bunk. You must consider the weight of the plywood along with a laminate flooring….and that would be before you add a few storage solutions and then the weight of your active daughter. I am assuming that she will climb up there and enjoy some time in the newly created play space, so the combined weight should calculate into the total project.

I understand, and can see your vision, of a laminate flooring for the deck of the play space; because of the weight of the plank flooring would you consider a veneer finish plywood, stained to look like wood flooring with a few different color stains? How about just painting the plywood deck with a durable latex paint and then use a clear sealer, you could use several colors…..paint stripes or even paint a patterned faux carpet!

My first thought when I read your question, beyond the concerned with the weight of the flooring, was to suggest a lightweight plank paneling glued to the plywood deck. I have seen this paneling installed on a wall and it looks very much like plank flooring. I also recommend a clear sealer over the paneling to ensure a smooth durable surface for long use, if plank flooring is the look you are going for this is a great alternative. This product should never be used on a floor where real foot traffic takes place; your space will most likely only host stocking or bare feet, momentarily, until your daughter gets into a comfy spot, correct? How about attaching a piece of fabric, or a sheet to the ceiling to create a tent or the sensation of a fort!

For light-weight storage options, think about canvas bins or baskets, a few small stack able plastic storage containers will help keep things tidy, and weigh next to nothing empty.

What a wonderful project, especially if you are working on it together to make design decisions. 


Finding a space for a child to store items, to escape to and play, a special place, above all the rest of the household world will only invite creativity and hopefully organizational skills dealing with the constraints of her tiny loft storage space, but her imagination will be limitless. I am sure she will remember  it always.

We would love to see some pictures of the project and find out what you came up with.

Have fun,




Posted 2018-08-07T14:00:48+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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