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Kindly help me with -truck financing procedures in Florida

Hey guys, 

I'm running a home renovation company in Florida. It's our third successful year of business. We are currently planning to expand our business to nearby places. We have given order for some equipment and also thinking about buying two trucks too.

But I can't afford to buy them now. I need to avail a truck loan at the earliest. I came across a company offering support for getting truck financing in Florida.

Have you ever availed a truck finance in the recent times? What all documents I need to submit in order to get my request processes? Could you please help me with it's procedures? Awaiting your replies. Thanks in advance. 
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Posted 2018-06-19T09:12:21+0000  by Jean001 Jean001
Hello Jean001 and welcome to the community.

Congratulations for the successful start-up of your business.  I love to hear good news like yours.


Home Depot Financing is limited to helping you buy materials and equipment from Home Depot alone.  You would have to go to a financial institution like a bank or saving and loan to secure a loan.  


If you currently have a line of credit or project loan from Home Depot, you could use your good history of payments, when you apply at a financial institution.  If you need help with your payment history, we can surely help.


My best wishes are with for your future prosperity.


Charlotte of the Home Depot How to Community.

Posted 2018-06-19T12:53:06+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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