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Kitchen Exhaust

The exhaust fan over my stove has suddenly quit working altogether.  No breakers flipped.  How do I test/repair/replace?

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Posted 2010-12-08T00:16:19+0000  by jon3637 jon3637

Good morning, Jon,this happens a lot. Kitchen fans need to be cleaned every once in a while due to the build up of grease from cooking. My guess is that this build up has fried the motor. It should have a filter over it also. My advice would be to go to your local Home Depot and pick up a new one. They don't cost that much and the new one will probably work better.

As for testing them, turn off the breaker, remove the fan, attach a plug to the leads, and plug it into an outlet; if it works you have a wiring problem, but since there are only or three wires running to it (single speed or two speed), that would be the last thing I would think it could be.

I hope this helps,Jon, and keep me posted on the outcome.

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Posted 2010-12-08T12:45:43+0000  by TheHammer
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