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Kitchen Faucet Pull Down Model Repair


The sprayer on our faucet no longer adjusts, wont go back to stream only spray.  Cannot find a model number anywhere on the faucet.  Can we just replace the Sprayer head?  Where can we purchase this part?  Thank you!!

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Posted 2012-02-14T15:04:20+0000  by Groma Groma

Hello Groma and welcome to The Community!  We are glad that you are here.


I have several questions to help identify the faucet:


1. Do you know old the faucet is?  It may be discontinued and therefore harder to identify (but that won't stop us!).


2. Look on the body of the faucet above the escutcheon plate to see if there is a manufacturer’s stamp. This may help us determine the manufacturer of the faucet.  Once we know the manufacturer, they can help us identify the model. 


3. Do you know if the head is held up by weights or magnets? 


4. Since the faucet no longer adjusts, try cleaning the head.  This is the same as the TV commercial where a dilute solution of CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) cleans a shower head that is blocked by deposits.  CLR is safe on chrome and stainless steel as long as the fixture is in good condition. (Do not use CLR on galvanized metal or cast iron.)  The manufacturer of CLR recommends that you test a small area before you begin cleaning.


             showerhead CLR.jpg


      Create a 50-50 mixture of water and CLR (I personally use a glass bowl).  For your protection, wear safety glasses and household rubber gloves - make sure the kitchen is ventilated.  Submerge the sprayer head into the solution for two minutes, remove the sprayer head from the solution, and immediately rinse with cold water. (I have a gallon jug of water ready to pour over the head and then turn on the water.)  Repeat the process if there are still deposits. 


      I look forward to helping you get your faucet back in fine form.  Thanks again for joining the discussions.


      DW pacifico.png


      Posted 2012-02-14T17:34:11+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL


      Thank you for the CLR tip will try this.  Pretty sure this is a Glacier Bay faucet just not sure of the model number, its about 5 years old.  Thanks again.

      Posted 2012-02-14T19:06:10+0000  by Groma

      Hello again Groma!  Thanks for the faucet “glamour shot.”  The folks at Glacier Bay can identify your faucet from a photo.  Since the faucet is about 5 years old and most likely not in the “current line-up,” I suggest that you contact the Glacier Bay Team @ 1-877-527-0313 (select option 3) so a representative can assist you.  They can give you an e-mail address to send the photo for identification and follow-up with you to get your pull down faucet working as great as it looks!


      Best wishes and please keep us posted.

      Posted 2012-02-14T21:13:14+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

      Hi.  I am going thru the same thing.  Have the same exact faucet.  I sent this picture to HD and they can't identify it.  Have they helped you identify this faucet?


      I hope you see this message as it was a while ago since you posted.


      Thanks for your help.



      Posted 2012-12-05T16:28:57+0000  by scorpio366
      I have a Moen single handle faucet and when you lift the handle it leaks. It is not leaking underneath, only around the handle. Is there something that can be replaced w/out having to replace the whole faucet?
      Posted 2012-12-30T16:52:35+0000  by Polochick

      Hi Polochick,


      The problem is the ceramic disk cartridge, or an O-ring seal around it. Call Moen at 1-800-289-6636 give them a description of the problem and your faucets’ model number.


      All Moen faucets have a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. If you can establish that you are the original purchaser through a register receipt or other means Moen will supply the repair parts at no charge.


      If you are not the original purchaser Moen can send you repair parts for a nominal fee.


      Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

      Posted 2012-12-31T18:04:11+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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