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Kitchen Project

Dear Sir,

I'm working on creating a piece of furniture to resolve my storage and seating shortage.  How can I join a smooth wood surface to a rough plastic base?  I'm using a shelving unit and plan to purchase wood to create a tabletop.  It'll be used as food preparation and eating area.  


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Posted 2011-11-29T06:22:56+0000  by DebbyDoo DebbyDoo

Hello DebbyDoo and thank you for joining The Community!  We are glad that you are here.


I sympathize with your storage and seating shortage – especially during the holidays.  If I understand your project correctly, you are using a plastic shelving unit as the base upon which you will attach wood to create a tabletop that will serve as a working and dining surface. 


Can you provide a picture of the rough plastic base, shelves, and posts?  It would also be helpful to know what the dimensions are (length – width – height) as well as what weight the shelves can hold. 


Some of the lighter plastic shelving units can only hold a minimal weight, while other heavy duty and commercial plastic units can hold hundreds of pounds.  If the shelving unit is on the “lighter side,” you may want to use the table as a food prep or serving (banquet) table only since the tabletop will need to support the weight of food, displays, serving pieces (cook pots, casserole pans, and place services), and of course, everyone’s elbows.


The height is also important; an eating surface needs to be able to accommodate chairs while a food prep area can be more adaptable in heights ranging from table height to counter height. 


Last to consider is the space per person around the table.  Will you be using arm chairs, side chairs, or folding chairs under the table? 


We look forward to helping you complete your kitchen project and thank you for joining the discussions.



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Posted 2011-11-29T21:30:35+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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