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Kitchen Update

I just recently had my kitchen counter tops done with tile and I have wood molding along the edge, but it does not bring out the look of my tile is there anything else I can you to enhance the look of the tile.



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Posted 2010-11-09T06:10:27+0000  by sherie64 sherie64

Hello sherie64! 


Congratulations on the new kitchen countertops – they definitely update and refresh the meeting room of your home.  I’d love to see a picture of the countertop and your kitchen.  Can you share with us so we can see what is happening?


In the meantime, I have some ideas that may help identify how to best enhance the look of your tile.


First, I would like to know what color the tile and molding are.  If the both are complementary (i.e., dark tile with dark molding or light tile with light molding), there may not be enough contrast to make the tile “shine.”  A dark wood molding with a light tile will add some contrast and could also match your kitchen cabinets. 


Another possibility that the look of the tile is not taking center stage may be your lighting.  If the tile is dark, consider adding under cabinet lighting, pendants, and additional lighting in the kitchen – especially if there are any “dark corners.” 


Also consider what is on your countertop.  Are there a lot of small appliances that may create visual clutter?  They may be detracting from the look of the tile (but I know that I need my coffee pot and toaster!).  Could putting a plant or other attractive object on the countertop draw your eye to the beauty of the tile?


Please send some pictures and I wish you good success with the new look in your kitchen.

Posted 2010-11-09T13:23:59+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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