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Kitchen aid dishwasher

was so quiet when we bought it, now it's so loud. 1 year old. Any info
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Posted 2013-10-17T20:58:57+0000  by Nitz Nitz

Hello Nitz and welcome to The Community.  We are glad that you are here.


I did some investigating into possible noises on the KitchenAid dishwasher:


* You should hear a “hiss”during the fill part of the cycle since water is entering the unit through the fill valve.


* You will hear a “slosh” during the rinse or wash part of the cycle as the spray arms circulate water against the inner door of the dishwasher.


* You can hear a “hum” during the drain part of the cycle.


* Any noise that resembles grinding, grating, crunching, or buzzing may be the result of hard objects (such as fruit, seeds, nuts and eggshells) in the dishwasher.  When the object is completely ground up, the sound should stop. 


* You may hear a vibration or thump if the drain hose knocks against the cabinet opening.  Insert a cloth, putty or caulking compound in the cabinet hole around the drain hose.


* You could hear a thumping or clattering noise if loaded dishes touch one another or the interior walls or an item interferes with the rotation of the spray arms.


* For built-in models, keep the sink drain plugs closed during dishwasher operation to prevent noise transfer through drains.


* Noise that has persisted for 3 cycles or more require a service call.  


You can contact the KitchenAid Customer Experience Center toll-free at 1-800-422-1230 for additional help in diagnosing the noise.


Best wishes on your project.


Posted 2013-10-18T20:19:19+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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