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Kitchen backsplash replacement

I have purchased the 12x12 sheeted tiles from HD. Do I need to prep the wall before I put these up? Also I saw a video of a person using some type of mat you put up first then you place the sheeted tiles on the mat. Of course you have to grout after that. What is the difference from using a mat or using adhesive on the wall?

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Posted 2013-11-21T23:04:37+0000  by buckets buckets

Hello buckets and welcome to the Community.


Thanks for your question about installing a kitchen backsplash.  I have a video that describes how to prepare a wall for tiling and install tiles using traditional adhesives and a video using SimpleMat tile setting mats.  The advantage of SimpleMat is that it is a very easy and clean process that allows you to grout sooner than the cure time of troweled on mastic.  Depending on the size of your back splash the cost of SimpleMat may be an issue.  Most Home Depot has both products in the store.


Please use the videos to determine which product will suit your situation.  If you require more information please let me know.




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Posted 2013-12-03T15:49:29+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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