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Kitchen cabinets with backwall combination of drywall, air gap and concrete


I would like to hang my cabinets but the problem is that I have drywall 0.5 inch and behind this an air gab of 0.75 inch before there is a concrete wall.

Can someone guide me what for screws to use.  

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Posted 2017-08-28T19:23:22+0000  by Alex32828 Alex32828

Hello Alex32828 and welcome to the Community. 


The reason you have a 3/4” air gap is that in order to hang the Drywall they installed 1”x 4” furring strips, to screw the drywall to. 


To get a well-secured cabinet you may want to remove the drywall, which will be behind the mounting strip of your cabinet.  Then mount a 1 ¼” thick board horizontally across the wall.  The problem with this is, there is not a 1 ¼” thick board.  Therefore, you may have to sandwich 2 pieces of wood together with wood glue, for instance, a deck board and a 1/4” strip of plywood. 


The actual thickness of a deck board is 1" and the plywood is 1/4".

You would then use flat head 1 ¾” Tapcon screws in a “W” pattern, to mount wood to your concrete.


Now you can mount your cabinets to this well secured mounting board, with GRK self-tapping Cabinet screws.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2017-08-29T15:52:50+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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