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Kitchen faucet supply lines won't attach

I purchased a new Moen Finley kitchen faucet and the installation was easy, but the 1/2 inch width supply lines did not hook up to the hot & cold valves because the threading inside each connector was too shallow. My old supply lines also had the same 1/2 inch width but there was more space.


What parts or adapters can I use to fix this problem? The new supply lines already came attached to the faucet head, so should I detach them and replace with others?   


old connector.jpg


new connector.jpg

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Posted 2012-12-06T07:53:36+0000  by Valtezman Valtezman

Hello Valtezman.  Welcome to the Community!


Plumbing threads can be downright goofy.  You can measure a fitting and chances are that the plumbing trade will call it something else.  This is before we start talking about all the different thread types.


The Moen Finley faucets have supply lines already attached, as you mentioned.  These lines have female ends designed to directly mount on a supply valve, which uses 3/8" compression fitting thread.  This thread is much finer than most plumbing connections and of course is unique to compression fittings.


Moen Finley.png


Faucet, (and toilet), supply valves typically look like these:




If you remove the small nut and compression washer on either of these valves, the Moen supply lines will just screw right on them.   If you need more supply line length, just get a 3/8" compression fitting for each one, and another supply line that has 3/8" compression female ends at the length you need.


If your supply valves do not look like these, then a brass fitting adapter will be needed that has the 3/8" compression on one end, and the correct fitting for your plumbing, (probably some size of pipe thread), on the other.


I am confident that your local Home Depot Plumbing department associate will be able to quickly get you hooked up.

Please let us know if we can be of further help.





Posted 2012-12-07T21:41:12+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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