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Kitchen sink sprayer is stuck

The faucet and sprayer are only about three years old. I was using the sprayer a few minutes ago and it got stuck. Now I can't have water running from the faucet, it is all coming out the sprayer.  Then the handle you press in on the sprayer came off.  How can I make it unstuck so I can use the faucet?

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Posted 2010-12-21T23:16:26+0000  by jtutor jtutor

Good morning, Jtutor, I'm The Hammer from the Home Depot community and an associate in Atlanta, I called one of my plumbing experts at my store and she confirmed what I think is the answer.

Your sprayer has failed, and all you need to do is replace it.

Here's what has happened; the sprayer failed in the open position, meaning the "piston" is stuck in, then the handle came off. You might be able to use your finger to un-stick the sprayer by pressing where the handle would contact the "piston' several times.

That may remedy your immediate problem, but you are going to need to replace the sprayer.

Go down to your local Home Depot and pick up a new one, turn the water off under the sink, unscrew the old one an install the new one. The only tool you might need is an adjustable wrench.

If your need more help, don't be afraid to ask an associate, or post more questions here.

Once you see how it attaches, you'll see just how easy it is going to be, and a new sprayer will only set you back about 10 bucks

I hope this helps, and welcome to the community.


Ray the Hammer

Posted 2010-12-22T12:41:31+0000  by TheHammer
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