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Kitchen spray hose removal

Good afternoon all!


I am trying to replace the hose on my kitchen sprayer - the old one cracked. I'm having trouble removing the cracked hose from the spray nozzle.


I'm hoping that I wasn't sold the hose and not the spray nozzle attachment ...


Any suggestions?

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Posted 2011-04-18T16:22:08+0000  by SarahLee SarahLee

Hi Saralee this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man

Typically the sprayer unscrews off of the hose. If you cannot get it off. Try removing the hose where it attaches to the faucet under the sink.


Take the whole unit to your local Home Depot and the plumbing associates will assist you in changing out the nozzle. Be sure to turn off the water supply first, you don’t want a bath while you are working.

The nozzles are not that durable, and replacing the nozzle and hose as a unit would be a good idea. The picture below shows where the sprayer hose attaches to the faucet.   A small adjustable wrench is all you will need.

I hope this answers your question.


     Screw the sprayer hose onto the bottom of the faucet.jpg     Six inch adjustable wrenchVpopViewer.jpg                

       Sprayer Hose Attachment

Posted 2011-04-18T18:09:25+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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