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Knob holes

How to patch knob/handle holes in cabinet doors
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Posted 2013-06-06T21:35:42+0000  by Kbedock Kbedock

Hi Kbedock, welcome to the community. Good question. This can be done a couple of ways


You can go the professional route and fill the knob holes with wooden dowels. You would determine the diameter of the wooden dowel you need. Prep the area, making sure the hole is clean and has no loose material.


You cut the dowel to the length you need, apply carpenters glue and insert dowel into the hole. Ensure dowel is flush to surface of the cabinet. Let glue dry, and then you can sand and finish.


The other way you can fill in the knob holes is with wood putty. Apply one application of wood putty in the knob hole. Let it sit, and see if you need to add more, so the putty will be flush with the surface of the cabinet. Let dry, sand and finish.


You can paint or stain with either method.

Posted 2013-06-06T22:17:51+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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