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I am looking for a LED lamp replacement for Halogen T3 with RSC base
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Posted 2018-09-17T02:07:12+0000  by Dean2 Dean2
While there are LED replacements for traditional halogen T3 bulbs, because of the need to fit a transformer into the bulb assembly they are considerably larger in size and you'll want to make sure they fit into your fixture.  

Posted 2018-09-17T09:17:19+0000  by Adam444
Ooops, I hit he post button a little too fast.  I'm not sure if LED replacements are available in store but they can be ordered through Home Depot's website.

Posted 2018-09-17T09:19:40+0000  by Adam444
Hello Dean2.  Welcome to the Community!

Halogen T3 bulbs with a pair of RSC bases are commonly used in large, high output work lights and security lights.  The "T" denotes a tubular bulb, and the "3" denotes a roughly 3/8" diameter.  RSC stands for recessed single contact.  What you get with these specs looks like this:

Now, LED based bulbs are now made to replace the hot, inefficient halogens, but fit may be an issue.

The bulb shown here is indeed an RSC base bulb, but it is not and cannot be a T3.  It is made to replace the above halogen, but only if there is sufficient space within the light fixture cavity to accommodate the much wider format.  Technically this is an R7S, RSC base bulb.

If you think this might work for you, you can find it here:  LINK


Posted 2018-09-18T15:03:36+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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